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Easy DJ Software

Easy DJ Software is an open source music editing application used by DJ's t
Publisher's Description:
Easy DJ Software is an open source music editing application used by DJ's to create, edit and mix music. Boasting an wide array of features and a sleek, and an easy to use interface it's fast becoming a popular choice amongst professional and semi-professional DJ's alike, and is also great for those just starting out.
If you need DJ software then Easy DJ really is the ideal solution. Housing a great range of features, a sleek user interface, excellent file support it caters to beginners and professionals alike. The vinyl control support and MIDI controller give you everything you need for total control of your mixes. Aesthetically, Easy DJ Software is the way to go, every aspect of your interface is customizable which gives you total control over how you'd like to work on your mixes. This is a huge advantage for any beginners wanting to try their hand at DJing as it dramatically reduces the cost of all the hardware you would otherwise have to buy. The program also caters to more advanced users, by providing a huge range of features, settings and options to suit even professionals. Hence, it has pretty much everything one needs in their DJ software and it's no wonder why it has become such a popular choice.
-Fast, Database-Powered Library
-MP3, OGG, WAVE, and FLAC playback
-Automatic Crossfading With Auto DJ
-Reads iTunes and Rhythmbox Libraries
-Advanced Software Mixing Engine
-And Much, Much More! This software was checked for viruses 7 months ago and was found to be clean. Click here to see antivirus report. trusted DOWNLOAD 1.48 MB
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